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Class Packages


Fundamentals of Meditation Workshop $35 • 1 visit • In this workshop, Ashley Rose Howard will bust common meditation myths, share the scientific benefits, and guide students through the four main foundations of meditation to cultivate a daily mindfulness practice, or deepen an existing one. Open to all busy-minded individuals.

Clean Up Your Vinyasa Workshop $35 • 1 visit • Want to feel stable, safe and strong in your vinyasas? This all-levels workshop will build and refine your flow step-by-step covering: Plank, Chatturanga, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog, modifications and transitions.

Sound Off Yoga Nidra Workshop $35 • 1 visit •
Join Ashley Rose Howard for a special evening of Sound Off Yoga Nidra: 90 minutes of guided "sleepyoga" and meditation, featuring soft, ambient music through noise-canceling headphones.

Sound Off Yoga Drop-In $26 • 1 visit • In this class, you'll be given a pair of noise-cancelling, blue-tooth headphones to wear throughout the class. In the headphones you'll only hear ambient music and the instructor's voice to keep you totally focused throughout the class.

Third Eye Chakra Workshop $30 • 1 visit • In this workshop, Dani will introduce you to the chakras and how they affect your life. Using the practice of Core Chakra, we will explore tools such as Pilates, yoga exercises, mantras and meditation and ritual to help heal your chakras.

Single Class $22 • 1 visit

10 Class Pack $145 • 10 visits • We suggest this package if you're planning to come to yoga about twice a week. This pack expires 8 weeks from the first class used.

5 Class Pack $90 • 5 visits • We suggest the 5 Class Pack if you're planning to come to yoga about once a week. The pass expires 5 weeks from the date of the first class used.